Why we should dress up for Sunday Mass

Some people think they do not need to dress up for Sunday Mass, since “God loves me as I am”. However the question is not whether God loves them or not, but whether they love God.

Let’s face it: People who love someone, dress at their best for their loved one. People who go on a date, pay great attention to what they wear. Brides even spend months to choose the perfect dress. Dressing well for a loved one is a human sign of affection.

“Dressing well for a loved one is a human sign of affection.”

And in like manner we should act with God. We love God. The Holy Mass is an intimate encounter with Christ. Therefore it speaks for itself that we should dress well out of love for Him. After all, what we do for a loved one on earth, should we not do the same for God?

Semper Excelsius is a website for the defense of the Catholic faith through instruction and informative articles. Its focus is on explaining the rich history and traditions of the holy Roman Catholic Church, while defending her teachings against false assumptions and doctrinal errors.

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