MYTHS DEBUNKED: “Is the history of the Catholic Church not one of torture and injustice?”

ANSWER: You have read garbled accounts. No one denies the existence of cruelty and persecution in the history of the ages.

But they have been exaggerated. Nor were they due to the Catholic point of view. They were in spite of the Catholic viewpoint, and due to the imperfect notions of the times, times in which Protestants were not less cruel than Catholics.

The Catholic Church has  been caricatured by misunderstanding and misinformed writers. But at the basis of the Church are rational foundations, principles, and spirit. Any man of goodwill will be able to make that distinction.

Image: Saint Margaret Clitherow tortured and pressed to death by English Protestants during  the Reformation.

(Source: Radio Replies, Fr. L. Rumble MSC & Fr. C. Carty MSC, 1937)

Semper Excelsius is a website for the defense of the Catholic faith through instruction and informative articles. Its focus is on explaining the rich history and traditions of the holy Roman Catholic Church, while defending her teachings against false assumptions and doctrinal errors.

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